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Knockout Keynote Speakers at DevLearn 2011

We believe that keynote speakers should rock your world. They should push you out of your comfort zone by offering you new perspectives, making you think out-of-the-box, and giving you the "40,000-foot view" of things. This is, after all, why we go to hear them. Like all eLearning Guild keynotes, these are going to be amazing presentations! Here are just some of the speakers you'll see at DevLearn|11...

Learning, Technology, and the Physics of the Future

Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku
Professor, Theoretical Physics, CUNY
Host of Science Channel’s Sci Fi Science
Author, Physics of the Future

Wednesday, November 2, 8:30a

Take a thrilling journey through the next one hundred years of breathtaking technological revolution. Join Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, host of the Science Channel’s Sci Fi Science, and bestselling author of several widely acclaimed books, as he takes us on this exploration of the revolutionary developments in technology, computers, and quantum physics that will forever change how we learn, engage, and live with technology.

Living and Learning in the Cloud

Tom Koulopoulos

Living in the Cloud

The Invention Zone

Tom Koulopoulos
Author, The Innovation Zone, and Living in the Cloud

Wednesday, November 2, 4:15p

The Cloud is an often-misunderstood concept when it comes to learning. It’s a classroom without walls, instructors, or curricula. It’s where you meet and make friends in social networks and where conversations turn into communities. The Cloud is the new context for innovating business and society. Join Tom as he explores how we can use the Cloud to transform ourselves and our industry! Download his eBook, Living in the Cloud, for a sneak peak of this fascinating keynote (available for FREE on the DevLearn site).

Why the Future of Learning is Context

Steven Rosenbaum

Curation NationSteve Rosenbaum
Author, Curation Nation

Thursday, November 3, 8:30a

In a world of overabundant data, the curator selects and shares the most relevant and useful information for the audiences and communities being served. This engaging presentation is based on the recently released book Curation Nation that surveyed more than 60 thought leaders and companies to explore and define the power of curation for brands, media, and consumers. Come to DevLearn to learn from Steven Rosenbaum, the father of user-generated video, how curation is the “New Magic” of the connected world.

Ignite! DevLearn: Six New Big Ideas for Learning

Hosted by Brent Schlenker
Program Director & Emerging Technologies Analyst
The eLearning Guild

Friday, November 4, 11:00a

Ignite! DevLearn offers you six BIG NEW IDEAS in six short, fast, and focused six-minute presentations. Do you have the next BIG IDEA for learning? We are committed to uncovering the new ideas and innovative thinking that rest unseen within our community, and DevLearn is your opportunity to be on the main stage. If you want to share your BIG IDEA, go to www. to learn more.