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Keynotes at DevLearn 2013

DevLearn|13 showcases four fascinating keynote presentations, each offering you new perspectives on innovation, gamification, internet filtering, and hacking smart change that will help you shape what’s next in your organization.

Jeremy Gutsche on Unlocking Cool

Unlocking Cool

Jeremy Gutsche, Author and Founder,

Wednesday, October 23 | 8:30a – 10:00a

Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy GutscheIn this talk—one of the world’s “most favorited” presentations at—Jeremy Gutsche delivers a beginning-to-end exploration of the innovation process, reinvented. Visually engaging, and packed with examples, it’s a cutting-edge toolkit for leveraging viral trends and methodical innovation frameworks to generate breakthrough ideas. He talks about creating a culture of innovation, power innovation, and his famous Trend Report. More…

Ian Bogost on The Real Power of Games for Learning

The Real Power of Games for Learning

Ian Bogost, Author and Founding Partner, Persuasive Games

Wednesday, October 23 | 4:15p – 5:15p

Persuasive Games by Ian BogostToday’s gamification solutions make promises too good to be true. A recent Gartner study confirmed that 80 percent of gamification applications will fail by 2014. Instead, organizations should return to the systems that have been around for decades, adding the features of real game design: a simulated model of an aspect of a business, a meaningful role to play in relation to that model, and a coherent context for the meaning of those actions that can be extended into the workplace or marketplace. This presentation will open your eyes to possibilities that games can bring to learning and the workplace. More…

Eli Pariser on TBA

The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You … and Your Learners

Eli Pariser, Author and CEO, Upworthy

Thursday, October 24 | 8:30a – 9:45a

The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You by Eli PariserTailoring online experience is the defining battle for today’s Internet giants. As a result, each of us increasingly live in our own unique information universe—what Eli Pariser calls “the filter bubble.” However, this undermines the Internet’s original purpose as an open platform for the spread of ideas. In this presentation, Mr. Pariser discusses how this filter bubble may impact what we see and how this filtered information could impact how we search and learn. He will share his vision for the web, embracing the benefits of technology without ignoring its negative consequences, and ensuring that the Internet lives up to its transformative promise. More…

Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt on HackLab: Pursuing Progress Through Deviation

HackLab: Pursuing Progress Through Deviation

Jason Lauritsen, CEO & Co-founder, Talent Anarchy

Joe Gerstandt, Co-founder & Rock Thrower, Talent Anarchy

Friday, October 25 | 11:00a – 12:15p

Social Gravity by Jason Lauritsen and Joe GerstandtThe changes that matter don’t happen overnight; they are the result of a lot of small, meaningful changes over time. Applying insights from the computer hacking culture, this general session will help you start finding ways to innovate and make progress in your work, one small change at a time. Regardless of your title or experience, you can make big things happen through a series of small, smart changes—or hacks. This highly interactive session is designed to provide you with actionable insights and tools for immediate application. More…