Guild Academy Live Online Learning Course Access

All of The eLearning Guild Academy’s Live Online Learning courses are conducted using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous technologies.

Synchronous eLearning Component

All of our courses include live, real-time, scheduled, time-specific, facilitated instruction and learning-oriented interaction that takes place in our virtual classroom platforms–Adobe Connect 9.5. Please check your check the system requirements below.

Asynchronous eLearning Component

All of our courses include an asynchronous eLearning platform—LearningStone—to supplement our scheduled live training; it involves individual and collaborative learning and is available on-demand at any time. For a Tour and to view FAQs see

Other Requirements

Some software training courses (i.e., Adobe, Articulate) may require the installation of software. Please check the registration page for your course to see the specific requirements.

Course Notifications

The eLearning Guild will send an email at least three days prior to the start of each Live Online Learning course to all registered participants (or upon registration if it occurs less than three days before an event). This email will include:

  • Information on how to access the synchronous and asynchronous components of the course
  • Information about your username and your password (which will come directly from the platform provider[s])
  • A link to the course resource site, which will course materials (an invitation to join the site will come directly from the platform provider)

Please watch your inbox and flag these important messages when you receive them so you'll have the information you need to access your course. We will send these emails to the email address we have on file from your registration. If for some reason you have not received an email 48 hours prior to the start of your course, please contact the Guild by email at or by phone at +1.707.566.8990 x355.

System Requirements

To ensure that your participation in a Guild Academy Live Online Learning course is successful, please do the following at least two hours before the start of the course:

For Adobe Connect 9.5

Take a diagnostic test and ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Adobe Connect meeting experience. This diagnostic test will check for and, if necessary, guide you to install the required version of Adobe Flash Player (13.0 or higher) and the Adobe Connect  Meeting Add-in. These installations are critical. If your computer or network prevents automatic installation for any reason, download and run the appropriate Flash and Connect Meeting Add-in installers for your computer.

We also encourage you to take a few minutes to learn about the major features of the software and orient yourself to the interface.

The URL for The eLearning Guild Academy is:


To ensure your participation in a Guild Academy Live Online Learning course is successful, The eLearning Guild wants to make sure your support needs are met. If you have questions about accessing the course: