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 DevLearn 2009 Program Features

DevLearn 2009 offers you a variety of featured program activities that are designed to provide you with key information and ideas that you can immediately put to work to improve your organization's e-Learning efforts. The list below is not yet complete, so stay tuned for program updates!


DemoFest 2009

E-Learning DemoFest is an amazing showcase of demos that will provide you with both ideas and inspiration! It’s like a science fair, where you move from table to table to view demos and talk to the designers and developers about the objectives, tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them. Learn More...

Focus on Research

Focus on Research Providers

Navigating the world of e-Learning can be challenging because there are so many tools, technologies, and approaches to consider and separating FACT from FICTION is difficult. Fortunately, our industry benefits from the efforts of a number of high-quality research providers. Join us at DL|09 as we once again provide you with a showcase of some of the best e-Learning research to be found anywhere. Learn more...

Management Perspectives

Management Perspectives

As a leader in your organization, it’s critical that you keep abreast of the latest management perspectives on the strategy and implementation of e-Learning technologies … especially for costly, but extremely important technologies like the LMS/LCMS, Learning 2.0, and Serious Games and Simulations. DevLearn offers a wide array of content for management professionals. Learn more...

The Serious Games Zone

Serious Games Zone Serious Games offer tremendous potential as instructional tools, and the Serious Games Zone will examine a variety of games designed to address diverse learning objectives. Here’s your opportunity to see what all the fuss is about! Hosted by Alicia Sanchez. Learn More...

Social Learning Camp

Social Learning Camp

If you think Social Learning is just employees socializing on company time, then you need to come to the Social Learning Camp and explore some very cool technologies, but, more importantly, to explore the new dynamics those technologies are creating inside enterprises and inside the learning and training community. Hosted by Mark Oehlert. Learn More...

Mobile Learning Jam

Mobile Learning Jam

Enabling technologies like bandwidth and handheld device sophistication are exploding, thus opening the door for Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning Jam is your opportunity to explore m-Learning in action on a wide array of devices, and to discover the design strategies that make it happen. Hosted by Judy Brown. Learn More...


WritersUA Logo

New technologies, standards, and demands are changing the way e-Learning and User Assistance are being authored and distributed. The future of these frequently separate and discrete functions will be defined by collaborative efforts. At DevLearn 2009, our content partners from WritersUA will help us explore how the technologies and processes supporting these roles are evolving. 

Master Classes

Master Classes

Master Class sessions are learning activities focused on products and services offered by DevLearn 2009 Exhibitors. These informative sessions will take place on the Master Class stage adjacent to the Expo. Expo Only participants are welcome. Learn More...

Breakfast Bytes

Breakfast Bytes

Each morning you will have the option of joining one of more than a dozen focused “Breakfast Bytes” discussion groups. These facilitated discussions will enable you to share your best practices, insights, and tips-’n-tricks while learning from one another’s experiences. Learn More...

E-Learning Bookstore

eLearning Guild Bookstore

While we all like to spend the bulk of our time thinking about e-Learning, it's easy to forget that we can learn a great deal from BOOKS! DevLearn 2009 will once again offer a comprehensive e-Learning-focused bookstore managed by BreakPoint Books. You'll find all the latest books on every aspect of learning, training, and e-Learning. Bookstore hours will be announced soon.

QR Codes

QR Code In 2008 the Guild pioneered the use of QR codes for sharing conference info and enabling participant networking. This year it will be easier than ever to view the conference schedule, program elements, and other useful conference information, simply by scanning various QR codes located throughout the DevLearn 2009 floor. All you need is a compatible camera phone and access to the internet. To decode QR Codes, you need a special program that runs on your camera enabled cellphone such as: Kaywa, I-Nigma, Quickmark, or Barcode (iPhone). The process is pretty simple --- you either take a snapshot of the code or simply scan over it (depending upon the phone and software), let the decoder software installed on your phone interpret the image, then view the output on your phone.


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