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Focus on Research

Navigating the world of e-Learning can be challenging because there are so many tools, technologies, and approaches to consider and separating FACT from FICTION is difficult. Fortunately, our industry benefits from the efforts of a number of high-quality research providers. Join us at DevLearn 2009 for an up-close-and-personal look at some of the best e-Learning research to be found anywhere. Here are some of the sessions you'll find where research will be central to the presentation ...

102 – Learning is What? Research Shows How 1,000 of Your Colleagues See It
104 – Evidence-based e-Learning: Beyond Fads and Fiction
202 – Research Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies and the Future of e-Learning
303 – Best-in-class Practices for Effective Manager Development
403 – Managing the User-generated Content Revolution
503 – Social Learning Environments: Strategies for Finding a Provider
507 – From Learning to Performance: Using Technology to Make It Happen
702 – Hype or Not? Research on NetGen Learning & Implications for I.D.
703 – Building the Business Case for e-Learning
801 – The Changing Learning Function: Rethinking How your Organization Works


Management Perspectives

Management Perspectives

As a leader in your organization, it’s critical that you stay on top of the strategies and best-practices for implementing e-Learning technologies. This is especially true for costly technologies like the LMS/LCMS, and for important new technologies like social learning, Serious Games, and Simulations. In addition to the Focus on Research sessions listed above, DevLearn 2009 offers a wide array of content specifically for management professionals.

101 – Panel Discussion: Trends in Software User Assistance and Its Application to e-Learning
108 – Enabling User-Generated Content: A Big Step Towards Mass Collaboration
114 – Delivering Low Cost Mobile Learning Solutions
204 – The Performance Ecosystem and the Future of e-Learning
213 – Using Immersive Learning Simulations to Train Management Teams
214 – Moodle: How It’s Changing the Face of Corporate e-Learning
301 – Single Source Development: Expanding the Concept of Learning Content Management
302 – Business Alignment: Focus on the Workplace ...Not the Classroom!
312 – Blended Approach to Improving Decision Making at Barnes & Noble
401 – Overview of Latest Learning Trends: What's Hot, What's Not, and Why
402 – Alfresco Case Study: e-Learning and the Bottom Line
413 – Proactive vs. Reactive: A New Level of Maturity for Compliance and Regulatory Training
501 – A Knowledge Exchange Strategy for Enterprise Learning
502 – Avoiding the Technical Caveats of LMS Contracts
506 – Exploring the Benefits of Using WordPress for Learning
508 – SharePoint’s Innovative Social Media Platform for Connecting Learners
514 – Agile Learning Project Management with SCRUM
601 – What Every Manager Must Know about Learning 2.0
606 – Case Study: Accelerated Development at Research In Motion
609 – Web 2.0 Technologies and Performance: It's Working for Google Employees!
701 – Connecting Customer Education to Your Firm's Revenue Using e-Learning
706 – Sharing Knowledge for Training: Social Networking in Action at Toyota
707 – Validating Learning Initiatives with Real Time Collaborative Research
709 – A Comparative Look at Virtual Classroom Software: Citrix, Adobe, Webex, and Elluminate
803 – The Future of the LMS: A Software Lifecycle Perspective
811 – Building a Better Dartboard: Project Estimating Methods that Really Work


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