Group Membership

Save your organization time and money! Here’s how…

The Guild’s Group Membership plan is designed so your organization can make Guild memberships available to everyone on your team so you can get more out of the Guild—and save money at the same time. With a Group Membership, you will not only see huge savings, but you will also be investing in the professional development of everyone on your team.

Group Membership Pricing

Your group may include members at any level—or any combination of levels. Fees stated in the Group Membership Discount table below are per person including the first person.

Group Size Discount Member Member+ Premium
Individual Guild Membership N/A $99 $395 $1,895
3 to 5 People in Group 10% $89 $355 $1,705
6 to 9 People in Group 20% $79 $316 $1,516
10 to 20 People in Group 30% $69 $276 $1,326
21 or more People in Group 40% $59 $237 $1,137


Setting Up a Group Membership is as EASY as 1-2-3!

To set up your group membership, just follow the three steps below. Email or call +1.707.566.8990 x306 with any questions!

Steve Firpo
Group Membership

  1. A designated Group Representative should make sure that all group members have a Guild Member Profile set up. Anyone who doesn’t have a Guild profile will need to become an Associate (free) Member. They can do so by clicking here.
  2. Once everyone has his or her profile set up, the group representative can email a list of all the group’s information including names, email addresses, and the level of membership each individual should be at.

    Find the membership option that is right for you

  3. A Guild staff member will then create an invoice or quote and email it directly to the group representative. Each member will then be upgraded by the Guild and a group confirmation email will be sent out to all group members.


Group Membership Details…

  • See Group Membership Pricing chart above for discount details.
  • A Group Membership can be set up at any time throughout the year. All current “paid” members will receive a pro-rated credit if necessary, depending on your teams start date.
  • A Group Membership may include individual members at any membership level or combination of membership levels.
  • One invoice will be created with a single grand total for the price of everyone’s membership. Your invoice will also reflect the start and end date of the membership, all team members included in the group, along with individual member levels and the total group savings.
  • The designated Group Representative is responsible for payment.
  • New individual members may be added to a group at any time with the permission of the designated Group Representative. Individual members may be added at any level of membership. They will receive the original group discount. To add a new member to a group, please email or call  +1.707.566.8990 x306.
  • If a group member leaves your organization before the renewal date, a new team member may take their place. For more information on how this process works, please call +1.707.566.8990 x306.
  • U.S. copyright laws apply to all materials provided to members as part of any Group Membership—including, but not limited to, Online Events content, Learning Solutions Magazine, Guild Research Insights, and other Guild publications and event materials. All materials provided for members are for the sole use of the individual registered member(s). Duplication or redistribution by any means is strictly forbidden without written permission from the eLearning Guild. To request permission, click HERE.


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