Instructions on How to Submit a Speaking Proposal

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FAQ About Speaking at DevLearn 2012

What are the event dates?

Main conference held Wednesday through Friday, October 31 – November 2, 2012
One-day workshops held on Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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When are speaking proposals due?

April 27, 2012
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Where is the event located?

Las Vegas, NV, USA
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What is DevLearn 2012 all about?

DevLearn 2012 provides a comprehensive program of learning opportunities to meet the needs of learning professionals who are involved in the management, design, development, implementation and delivery of organizational learning. The target audience includes executives, managers, and practitioners in corporate, government and academic settings who are actively focused on the tools, technologies, strategies and techniques that can be put to work for learning. The program will address proven technology-based learning solutions that can be implemented today, as well as emerging techniques and technologies that will impact organizational learning in the future.
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What is the target audience for DevLearn 2012?

  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Corporate Training and Development Executives
  • Instructional Technology Department Heads
  • Training Directors and Managers
  • Corporate University Managers
  • Curriculum Designers, Managers, and Directors
  • Project Managers
  • eLearning Program Directors and Managers
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Collaborative and Social Learning Managers
  • Development and Design Managers
  • eLearning Product Managers
  • Training & Learning Coordinators
  • Learning Systems Analysts
  • IT Managers and Coordinators
  • LMS/LCMS Administrator
  • Education and Training Specialists
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Instructional Designers
  • Interface and Multimedia Designers
  • eLearning Developers
  • eLearning Generalists
  • Anyone involved in the development, delivery, implementation, and management of high quality eLearning

In other words, those who are directly involved in the development of eLearning regardless of…

  • Actual job title.
  • The task they perform on the development “team”.
  • Whether they work in a corporate, government, or academic setting.
  • The content or type of learning they are designing, developing, and/or managing.
  • The scope of responsibilities – whether as a specialist or a generalist.
  • The extent of responsibilities – whether as a individual contributor, departmental manager, divisional director, or corporate executive.

The program of this conference targets the tools, technologies, techniques, and strategies for developing and managing eLearning regardless of the context in which they are applied. The simple fact that professionals attend from all the various groups listed above ensures that there is a robust flow of information and rich cross-fertilization of ideas across industry and functional boundaries.
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Who is eligible to present at DevLearn 2012?

  • Guild members and non-members are welcome to submit proposals.
  • Vendors/suppliers of eLearning/blended learning products and services are encouraged to submit a case study with a client though this is not required.
  • Vendors of eLearning products and services will be considered, however, NO marketing or self-promotion is allowed. Sessions must be educational and informational in content.
  • If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event, please contact sales.

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What is required of me as a speaker from a technical standpoint?

  • Speakers must provide their own computer and any software required to run their presentation.
  • WiFi will be provided

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What are the types and durations of the sessions offered at this event?

  • Optional full-day and/or two-day workshops will be held on Monday October 29th and/or Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • Current sessions will be held on Wednesday through Friday, October 31 - November 2, 2012. Duration of concurrent sessions will be either 60 or 75 minutes.
  • You will be assigned a speaking slot by the Program Manager. If you have any scheduling conflicts, please note that on your submission form.

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What is the program focus of the event?

  • Sessions should address the needs of experienced eLearning professionals.
  • We are particularly interested in sessions in which you share the solution your organization crafted and implemented to solve a pressing learning/business challenge.
  • Your session is more likely to be selected if your content is focused, in-depth, and offers practical solutions, ideas, strategies, and/or techniques.
  • We encourage submissions in the following areas:
    • Learning Strategies for Management
    • Management of LMS, LCMS, or Talent Management Systems
    • eLearning Case Studies
    • Mobile Learning
    • Social Media & Learning
    • Serious Games: Design, Development, and/or Tools
    • Learning in Virtual Environments
    • Synchronous Online Classroom Training
    • Rapid Development
    • Simulations: Design, Development, and/or Tools
    • Authoring Tool Tips & Tricks
    • Open Source Learning Tools
    • Instructional Design
    • Design Thinking for Training Teams
  • Be specific: General topics like “How to develop eLearning” are too broad. Sample topics could be:
    • Strategies for Converting Your FLASH Content to HTML5
    • Developing Immersive Learning Simulations Using ________ Tool
    • Getting Shareholder Buy-in for Your Mobile Learning Initiatives
    • How to Survive as the “One-Man” Development Team
    • 10 Tips and Tricks for Using Audio in Your eLearning
    • The True Cost of Implementing Social Learning in Your Organization
    • Tools for Building Powerful Collaborative Learning Environments
    • Streaming and Recording Training Videos Behind the Firewall
    • Supporting Business Drivers with Your e/mLearning Initiatives
    • ID Considerations for Converting ILT to eLearning
    • Ways to Get your Development Team to Speed up Delivery Time
    • Implementation Issues for LMS
    • Learning in the Cloud: Security and Implementation Issues for the Training Manager
    • What Every Developer Needs to Know About Learning
    • The Best Tools that Instructional Designers Should Use
    • Managing Content for Multiple Platforms: 5 Successful Strategies for Getting Your Content Under Control
    • 21 Rapid Development Tips and Tricks
    • What You Need to Know to Select your LMS
    • Strategies for Implementing an LMS/LCMS
    • How XYZ Corporation Provides Sales Training On-the-Go: An eLearning Success Story

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Is there compensation for speakers?

  • One free full-conference registration is provided per session. This free registration is given to the main presenter (#1) listed on the submission form. This registration cannot be shared or split.
  • Co-presenters or panelists receive a discount off the conference price. This discount cannot be shared or split. Co-presenters must pay the discounted rate in order to present.
  • You must list co-presenters when you submit your proposal. Additional presenters cannot be added to your session without approval of the Program Manager.
  • Both free and discounted registrations as outlined above include conference materials, access to post-event site, lunches, receptions, and networking activities.
  • Presenters who are selected to conduct more than one session are given one free registration in total.

Presenters must pay for participation in any additional optional activities, such as co-located events, pre-conference workshops, and/or post-conference events.
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What information and materials will I be required to submit?

  • A Speaker Agreement form that states you agree to present at this event under the specified conditions.
  • A color photo for use on the event website and other event materials. Photos must be formatted to be a minimum of 300 dpi, 5”x7”, and in TIFF, JPEG, or PNG formats.
  • Session description for publication on the web and in printed materials. (The program manager will work with you to edit this into the correct format and length.)
  • A/V form that lists any technical requirements for your session(s).
  • Session materials that will be posted for event attendees before, during, and after the event. (Concurrent session only; workshop materials will not be posted on the resource site.)

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How do I submit a proposal?

  • Use the online CFP Form, click HERE
  • You may submit more than one proposal for an event.
  • Submit a separate form for each session proposed.
  • Complete all areas of the form.

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Who should I contact if I need help?

  • You have any questions about this form, these instructions, or the event.
  • You are unsure about whether or not your topic is appropriate for this event.
  • To contact program manager Heidi Fisk.

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