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The eLearning Guild Academy’s Live Online Learning courses combine explanation, demonstration, practice, and feedback. Our instructors help individualize your learning experience through the use of examples and real-world scenarios. All course sessions are led by an instructor and take place live using our virtual classroom supplemented with our knowledge management platform for individual and collaborative learning. Duration of eLearning varies depending on the program.

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Tools and Technologies

Build your skills in various tools and technologies to help you develop effective and dynamic eLearning experiences.

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Instructional Design and Development

Become a more effective practitioner with a broad range of programs on the craft of instructional design and development.

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Virtual Classroom

Create more effective and efficient virtual classroom experiences and events.

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Content Creation

Build your skills and knowledge of the many aspects of learning content creation to deliver superior results.

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Business and Leadership

Develop the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career in the learning profession and improve your business and leadership capacity.

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