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Backchatter: A Twitter Game

Do you have your finger on the pulse of mLearning? Find out by playing Backchatter, a social learning game based on Twitter. Predict what words your fellow conference goers and other mLearnCon watchers will use in their mLearnCon Tweets and win points. Learn more ...

A Game of Phones: A Mobile Takeover Strategy Game

This year's mLearnCon is the launch site of an exciting mobile learning development card game named "A Game of Phones," which is designed to get people thinking about and talking about real-world mobile learning problems and solutions.

Rules of the Game

Each mLearnCon attendee receives a starter deck comprised of four types of cards:

  • Challenge cards — These cards will describe a problem statement that provides a mobile learning challenge.
  • Technology cards — These cards will feature possible solution technologies such as Native App, Web App, Email or SMS.
  • Hardware cards — These cards will feature various hardwares such as Smartphones or Tablets.
  • Speaker cards — These cards will feature a use case from MLearn Con Speakers!  (examples include games, job aids, augmented reality, QR codes).

To play, a challenge card is randomly selected from either of the two players' decks. Each player then plays one or two Technology cards, one or two Hardware cards, and an optional Speaker card in order to form their argument. The two players then share their arguments and one is deemed a winner!

Special speaker cards not available in the Starter Deck will be distributed at the following sessions:

  • Clark Quinn, Tuesday, 6/21 at 1:00p Concurrent Block 2
  • Judy Brown, Tuesday, 6/21 at 2:30p, Concurrent Block 3
  • Michelle Lentz, Tuesday, 6/21 at 4:00p, Concurrent Block 4
  • Neil Lasher, Wednesday, 6/22 at 11:45a, MOSH Pit
  • Aaron Silvers, Wednesday, 6/22 at 12:45p, mLearning Future Zone

While we expect this to be a fun-to-play and thought-provoking game at the conference, the cards will also provide all attendees a real world tool set that you can use when you return to your job!

Join Us for the "A Game of Phones" Tournament

The “A Game of Phones” Tournament will be held at the games table in the Expo Hall on Wednesday, June 22, 3:00p - 5:00p. The tournament will be elimination style and will be judged by our own team of Mobile Learning experts. A single winner will be crowned and will receive a brand new Kindle! Attending practice sessions may help, but is not required to enter the tournament. A tournament sign-up sheet will be available all day on Wednesday, and all are invited to join!

Practice Sessions

Open Play

Tuesday, 6/21

  • 10:30a - 10:45a
  • 12:30p - 12:45p
  • 1:30p - 1:45p
  • 4:30p - 5:00p

Wednesday, 6/22

  • 12:30p - 12:45p
  • 1:30p - 1:45p
  • 2:30p - 3:00p

Thursday, 6/23

  • 10:15a - 11:00a

Looking forward to playing with you in person!



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