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Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions

Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions

September 13, 2012

Many structured models of training ignore that the most effective way to engage and train learners involves social learning. Social learning + social media tools provide formidable new ways to learn from each other, with profound implications for learning.

In this report, author Ben Betts examines social learning, its benefits, and its risks. He explores methodologies that will help you get started with social learning, whether your organization is in one location or spread out worldwide. He explains how to generate value and how to measure success, how to mitigate risk and use successful systems already in place. He also looks at real-world examples—case studies of social learning in action. He addresses eight key elements for successfully integrating social learning into your organization, and he tells you what you need to know to make the most of this important means of learning.

This report is part of the new Big Answers series of reports from Guild Research, which provides definitive answers to significant questions that learning and eLearning practitioners and managers need to improve their practices. These reports pull together relevant research on critical questions in the learning field in an open and practitioner-friendly way.

Full Report:

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