Learning at My Fingertips: A Mobile App Case Study

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 24, 2019

Meg Bertapelle

Sr. Instructional Designer
Intuitive Surgical

Our organization had a challenge: we had text-heavy, hard-to-navigate, print-based learning documents with multiple versions. Not only that, the documents needed to be updated often. We wanted to change this approach and instead make the possibility of "right-time-right-place" training and support into a reality using a mobile app. While not a seamless nor instant fix, our results show that we're providing a better learning and support experience to our users with media-rich, navigable and interactive offline, "right-time-right-place" content—an approach which would work well for delivery of any media-rich, navigable content to diverse and mobile users.

During this case study session, you’ll discover how a custom mobile app can help you give your audience easy and quick access to job-specific training and reference materials at the time and place they need them. You’ll explore the key points in the app design and development process, including problem identification and definition; development tool selection; content development, vendor, and launch experiences; usage data; and user feedback. You’ll get insights in how to plan both pilot and broad launches, organize content development with multiple authors, and track progress in a "build while flying" environment. You'll get a glimpse into our challenges, successes, and lessons learned, and what you might do differently in your own projects. (We learned the hard way, but must you?)

In this session, you will learn:

  • How we created and deployed a mobile app within our small but mighty instructional design team
  • Methods for creation of a mobile app without (much) coding
  • Approaches to tool selection
  • Tips for planning and organizing a multi-user and layered development process in a complex project environment
  • How best to prepare for some of the challenges that come with vendor developers
  • Strategies for deploying a mobile experience that work best for your audience
  • About our lessons learned and real-world triumphs of the app launch and implementation


Designers, developers, managers

Technology discussed in this session:

Custom mobile app development, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (formerly Digital Publishing Suite), Adobe Mobile Analytics, Adobe InDesign, Mag+ interactive digital publication creator, HTML/5, PDF


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