Building a House Without a Blueprint: Why Storyboards Make a Difference

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 23, 2019

Liesl Christle

Senior Account Manager
Reflection Software

Alicia Raff

Account Manager
Reflection Software

Imagine you're about to build a house with all the bells and whistles. Now imagine building this house without a set of blueprints. Would your contractors know what to build, and where? Would the city be able to approve any additions or modifications you want to make? Like the blueprint for a house, your eLearning storyboard outlines everything about the training you're creating. This same concept applies to eLearning and training as a whole. It's important to create a storyboard that can be easily understood by everyone in the project process, so all are "in the know" on what the final product will look like.

In this session, you will discover the four basic steps of storyboard creation. This includes choosing a storyboard format, identifying storyboard components, creating a method for timing, and incorporating mock-ups and templates. You will also identify the components unique to your style of training, which can then be used to customize the storyboard you create. Last but not least, you will receive support and guidance on the storyboard you're developing throughout the session to ensure you have a solid base to work from when the session is over. This session is meant to give you the tools you need to start using the storyboard blueprint you create when the session is over.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a framework for your storyboard based on the elements you determined during the session
  • How to develop a plan for presenting the storyboard to your team in order to implement a strategy to use the storyboard moving forward
  • New ways to organize, format, and present content that can be immediately utilized in your own projects
  • How to identify the specific elements needed to create your own storyboarding blueprint


Designers, developers 

Technology discussed:

Microsoft Word


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