BYOD: Non-Linear eLearning Design Techniques for Captivate

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 24, 2019

Adam Wylie

Lead Performance Support Analyst
Washington University in St. Louis

It can be difficult to keep learners engaged when taking an online course. As designers, we may want to add more meaningful interactivity to address this issue, but may not be aware of available functionalities our eLearning authoring tools have to offer to help make this happen.

Learners become more invested and engaged if we provide them with the ability to interactively choose their own path when taking an online course. In this session, you will learn the development techniques to make this design style functional. You’ll learn non-linear navigation approaches for use in common authoring tools, and the techniques to present these to learners. We’ll explore how best to track and show completions and buttons and states for navigation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The technical skills to develop non-linear navigation in eLearning authoring software
  • How to change states of and link menu options to specific slides
  • How to create buttons at the end of sections that will take the learners back to your navigation slide
  • How to track completion of sections and change states of navigation slides to represent completions
  • Design techniques for presenting navigation options to the learner
  • Organizational tips within your project


Designers, developers     

Technology discussed:

Adobe Captivate 2019 on a MacBook Pro

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop with eLearning authoring tool (Adobe Captivate if you would like to match what is being presented). A Captivate 2019 project file will be provided to use for the session.


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