Designing a Choose-Your-Own Adventure Video Course

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 24, 2019

Aly Gillen

eLearning Developer
Hitachi Vantara

Chris Perez

Sr. eLearning Developer
Hitachi Vantara

The sounds of snores from the next cubical over are because Jerry had to take that old, stale compliance course. Anyone can phone it in, click "next", and answer "C" to every multiple choice question. But that video choose-your-own adventure course? Jerry's going to make decisions and see immediate feedback and consequences for his choices. He might even take the course again and again to see what the other outcomes he could get, giving him a fully-detailed understanding of the subject matter with just one lesson! Snores or engagement: which would you choose?

In this session, you’ll explore how to design a video choose-your-own adventure (CYOA) course for when "correct/incorrect" text isn't enough. Through creating a CYOA course, you’ll learn how to significantly increase engagement while reinforcing learning objectives. You’ll find out how using a decision tree approach can give your audience real-time feedback. You’ll then look at the development tools you can use to create this kind of video course, as well as how to craft immediate and consequential feedback for the choices people make.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Which tools can be used to create decision trees
  • Development methods to create a CYOA course
  • How to create consequential feedback to user responses
  • How to implement immediate feedback to user responses
  • How to create multiple experiences with the same course, while arriving at the desired objective for each user


Designers, developers  

Technology discussed:

Lucidchart, Articulate Storyline


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