Getting Started with Animation: Demystifying After Effects

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 23, 2019

Stephanie Curry

eLearning Specialist
Veterans United Home Loans

Jessica Kohler

eLearning Specialist
Veterans United Home Loans

In the field of eLearning, designers and developers are often expected to be pocket knives capable of a range of creative skills and course development methodologies. That can sometimes make approaching new techniques and technology tough, but sometimes we know more than we think and just starting is the biggest hurdle.

In this session, participants will walk through simple quick-start steps of a new animation project in After Effects that will make animation a viable option in your eLearning. It will demonstrate how you likely have skills in your toolbelt already that can help. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Animation principles such as timing, spacing, and in-betweens
  • Efficiency techniques for animation, pre-to post-production
  • Best practices for designing in Illustrator to import and animate in After Effects
  • Use cases for animating objects imported from Illustrator or drawn natively in After Effects
  • Tips for designing and organizing animation for optimal editability



Technology discussed:

iPad, Adobe Draw, After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Storyline 360


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