Capturing Peer-to-Peer Content & Scaling It

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DevLearn 2019 Conference - October 24, 2019

Edward Brice

Director, Education Strategy & Operations
Allstate Insurance

Learning from a peer is a powerful tool and most learner populations are very receptive to hearing best practices.  Peer-to-peer learning is very personalized and direct, which allows for instant implementation. This type of strategy works very well in small group settings, but due to its personal nature, it is extremely difficult to scale. How can you create a curriculum that allows for this wonderful, small-scale interaction to be delivered at scale?

In this session, you will learn how to create an effective peer-to-peer learning strategy. You can leverage tools that you currently utilize today—webinar delivery tools, video microlearning, or in-person workshops. You will even participate in an activity during the workshop. You'll leave this session armed with an arsenal of tactics that will enable you to scale peer-to-peer learning in your organization. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies for scaling peer-to-peer learning
  • How to leverage existing tools for delivery
  • A framework to approach the design of peer-to-peer content
  • How to identify experts that could assist with the content creation


Designers, developers, managers   

Technology discussed:

Video, webinar, ILT


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