Customizing Instruction with Adobe Captivate’s Advanced Actions

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DevLearn 2012 Conference & Expo - November 1, 2012

Shameer Ayyappan

Sr. Product Manager
Adobe Systems

Linda Mahnken

Senior eLearning Instructional Designer

Rapid eLearning development has caused a proliferation of cookie-cutter courses without any individualized learning experiences because of the cost and effort of creating them. One of the most "teachable moments" in an online course is when someone answer a question wrong. Typically, the user gets a generic message saying the answer is incorrect. If the user tries again and chooses a different incorrect answer, they get the same "incorrect" message. This is a lost learning opportunity because they don't learn why that specific answer choice was incorrect.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how an eLearning instructional designer, challenged with creating a more effective individualized-learning activity in a rapid-eLearning framework, used Adobe Captivate's Advanced Actions to solve it. Participants will walk through one way of solving the challenge of individualizing a learning activity. You'll learn several techniques Captivate users can use as building blocks in any custom activity using advanced actions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to plan an activity that uses Advanced Actions
  • How to use micronavigation to jump the playhead to a specific frame
  • How to name objects and make them appear and disappear on a slide
  • How to incorporate any slide into a quiz, not just “question slides”

Intermediate designers and developers with a basic working knowledge of Adobe Captivate, including Advanced Actions and variables, how to create slides, and how to add objects (such as text, images, and buttons) to a slide.


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