KEYNOTE: How Big Data Is Shaping the Future of Performance

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 8, 2014

Rahaf Harfoush

Co-author, The Decoded Company

Technology is fueling a shift in the ways employees are supported in their work. Business moves too fast for employees to be required to stop working every time they need support for a task. Technological innovations provide us with the opportunity to not only provide less disruptive support to employees while they perform their work, but to also collect and analyze data that enables us to better understand the employee and the task to provide customized performance support. In this opening keynote presentation, digital foresight strategist Rahaf Harfoush explains how transformational companies are customizing data-driven environments for their employees to achieve higher productivity, retention, and profits. You’ll learn how to apply a combination of self-reported and ambient data to develop a “sixth sense” about your people and the work that they do. The result? Increased agility and speed, evidenced-based decision making, a reduced reliance on disruptive training methods, and the ability to predict problems before they occur.

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