BYOL: Virtual Classroom Platforms—Which One Should I Use?

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DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo - November 17, 2016

Cindy Huggett

Principal Consultant
Cindy Huggett Consulting

Selecting the right virtual classroom platform can be challenging! There are so many programs available, each with its own sets of tools and features. And each platform offers a unique angle on virtual training classes. With all those differences, it’s hard to know which platform is right for your organization.

In this session, you’ll get to compare six different virtual classroom platforms: Adobe Connect, Citrix GoToTraining, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Jigsaw, Fuze, and Zoom. You’ll gain hands-on experience with their common features and explore what makes each one unique. Using a checklist that can be tailored to your organization, you’ll begin to determine which platform might be best suited for your own virtual training programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the features of these six virtual classroom platforms
  • How to recognize common tools used in most platforms
  • Which platform features are most useful when selecting a platform
  • How to apply a template for selecting the right platform for your organization

Novice and intermediate designers, managers, directors, and facilitators.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Connect, Citrix GoToTraining, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Jigsaw, Fuze, and Zoom.

Technology Required:
A WiFi-enabled laptop with any standard Internet browser installed.

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