Evaluative Inquiry as a Catalyst for Learning and Change

Conference Archive

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2018 - March 27, 2018

Marlies De Kluyver

Sr. Learning Excellence Manager, Global Learning

Marie Paydon

Clinical Training Manager

Many learning and development professionals are shifting away from an overreliance on outcome-based evaluation models, such as the Kirkpatrick evaluation model, in favor of advanced evaluation models that drive actual use of findings and organizational learning. If you’re in the beginning stages of this transition, though, you may be wondering what other approaches are out there and how best to translate them from theory to practical use.

This session will share results from a recent case study that explored the use of one advanced evaluation model, evaluative inquiry (Preskill and Torres, 1999), within one department in a corporation. You’ll learn about the guiding principles, procedural guidelines, lessons learned, and recommendations throughout the planning, implementation, and evaluation process. This session will provide you with the resources and practical advice you’ll need to communicate, justify the use of, and apply the evaluative inquiry model within your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the guiding principles of evaluative inquiry
  • About the procedural guidelines of evaluative inquiry
  • Lessons from applying evaluative inquiry in the field
  • Tips on how to apply evaluative inquiry in your organization
  • How to plan and implement evaluative inquiry
  • About evaluative inquiry high-level processes


Intermediate to advanced designers, developers, and managers.


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