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Realities360 Conference & Expo

AR & VR Is On the Rise in L&D… Are You Ready?

The potential for AR and VR in the training and education space is unmatched. Realities360 Conference & Expo has 50+ sessions covering the critical topics that will help you develop new skills, strategies, and expertise within the AR/VR world.

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Brace Yourselves to Go Beyond the Status Quo! Brace Yourselves to Go Beyond the Status Quo! (SPONSOR)

Want to create meaningful learning experiences for your employees? Discover how you can partner with us to Go Beyond the current results of your L&D efforts—an opportunity for you to take a sneak peek into our methodologies behind breaking down your requirements and coming up with a solution that will Go Beyond! CHECK IT OUT.

Guild News

New membership!

We Have Exciting News!

To make our resources more accessible to everyone in order to help our industry grow, we’ve made exciting updates to our membership! Now all members have full access to research reports, session recordings, and more. Plus, we’re introducing the Online Conference Subscription!

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Research Report

Augmented and Virtual Reality for Behavior Change

New Report: Research Is Now Free for ALL Members!

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are radically changing L&D as an industry. Our new research report, Augmented and Virtual Reality for Behavior Change, explores how AR and VR are a great resource for behavior change, and why AR and VR solutions are a useful investment.

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Online Conference

Science of Learning Summit

Explore the Science Behind Learning

Sessions during the Science of Learning Summit will explore how you can better understand your audience, including what motivates them, how to remove their learning barriers, and will help give you necessary solutions and strategies.

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Guild Master

Guild Master

The Newest Guild Master

Congratulations to our newest Guild Master, Will Thalheimer! Will provides organizations with services including smile-sheet rebuilds and research benchmarking, and he regularly shares his content through keynotes, free reports, workshops, and blog posts.

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David Kelly's Curated Content
Twist Curated Content

What’s This Week’s Industry Buzz?

This week's Curated Content includes a post providing groups to connect with to explore VR for training and education, an article breaking down the millennial stereotype, a post giving lessons on how marketing puts curation into practice, and more! Check out all of this week’s Curated Content on The eLearning Guild Blog.

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Learning Solutions

Keys to Hiring and Retaining the Best L&D Professionals

Keys to Hiring and Retaining the Best L&D Professionals
Salary is not the only reason your top L&D professionals might consider leaving. Learn more…

A New Twist on Learner Feedback: Let Users Improve Training

A New Twist on Learner Feedback: Let Users Improve Training
Want to improve training and create a better learner experience? Feedback is the key.
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