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Established in 2002, Learning Solutions is the official online publication of The eLearning Guild.

Learning Solutions is a leading industry publication offering an insider’s perspective that is focused on supporting eLearning professionals. Our goal is to provide the greater learning and development community with relevant and timely information on the most critical and sought-out topics in eLearning. Featuring articles from members of the eLearning Guild community and experts who work in the learning space every day, Learning Solutions offers practical, solution-oriented information—on design, development, management, technology, and executive matters—that readers can use to make well-informed business decisions to ensure their organization’s success with eLearning.

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4 Strategies for Creating Microlearning That Works

8.12.19 | Learning Solutions Magazine |

Don’t go micro to be trendy; use these four strategies to ensure that you’re creating microlearning that works.

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