About the Conference Archive

The Conference Archive provides access to content from eLearning Guild face-to-face events including handouts from most of the 300+ concurrent sessions we produce each year, as well as video recordings of select keynote presentations and some of the most-popular concurrent sessions from the Guild’s face-to-face conferences.

Access to this conference content varies based on your content package:

  • Members have access to concurrent session video recordings and handouts
  • Members with Pro, Plus, and Premium packages have access to keynote and concurrent session video recordings, plus handouts

Featured Conference Archive Content

Changing the Face of UI Design for eLearning

10.26.17 | Conference Archive | DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo

Page-turners, cluttered slides, click Next to continue, and complex menus. These are all words and phrases that you’ll often hear when your users and colleagues discuss what’s  . . .

KEYNOTE: How VR Is Changing the Future of Content

7.26.17 | Conference Archive | Realities360 2017 Conference & Expo

In order to harness the potential of virtual reality, you must first understand how VR fundamentally changes some of the rules and expectations of what “content” and “exp . . .

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