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The Conference Archive provides access to content from eLearning Guild face-to-face events including handouts from most of the 300+ concurrent sessions we produce each year, as well as video recordings of select keynote presentations and some of the most-popular concurrent sessions from the Guild’s face-to-face conferences.

Featured Conference Archive Content

KEYNOTE: Digital Storytelling Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

3.26.19 | Conference Archive | Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2019

There’s too much content in the world; getting people’s attention is, like life, hard. Baratunde Thurston was a political blogger for four years, ran digital strategy for The . . .

KEYNOTE: Unfair Labels: Your Guide to Generational Dynamics in the Workplace

10.26.18 | Conference Archive | DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo

As more Baby Boomers are retiring, more Millennials are joining the workplace (and with 80 million people born between 1982 and 2000 in the US alone, that’s a major shift). Millennia . . .

KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from Government AR, VR, and Simulation Projects

6.28.18 | Conference Archive | Realities360 2018 Conference

The increasing interest in VR, AR, and simulation projects for learning and education is being driven in large part by the new consumer devices that are making these technologies more acce . . .

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