About the Conference Archive

The Conference Archive provides access to content from eLearning Guild face-to-face events including handouts from most of the 300+ concurrent sessions we produce each year, as well as video recordings of select keynote presentations and some of the most-popular concurrent sessions from the Guild’s face-to-face conferences.

Access to this conference content varies based on your content package:

  • Members have access to concurrent session video recordings and handouts
  • Members with Pro, Plus, and Premium packages have access to keynote and concurrent session video recordings, plus handouts

Featured Conference Archive Content

KEYNOTE: How Augmented Reality Is Driving Enterprise Transformation

6.27.18 | Conference Archive | Realities360 2018 Conference

The past couple of years have been exciting, frustrating, and inspiring for augmented reality developers. On the one hand, a record number of investments have been plowed into AR, and anno . . .

Learning by Practice: Microlearning with Immediate Application

3.27.18 | Conference Archive | Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2018

Many learners want shorter nuggets of content. It can be challenging, however, for instructional designers to fit everything they need to do into five- to seven-minute chunks. If you&rsquo . . .

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