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Learning Solutions Magazine readers want practical, hands-on information about techniques, and practical advice about strategy, including new information about learning theory. In addition to “how we did it” and “how to do it” treatments, unbiased reviews, non-promotional case studies, and “best practices” pieces are of great interest to our audience.

Many of our authors have never written for publication before. If you have excellent content for an article, or even just a good idea, send a query to bbrandon@elearningguild.com. If your proposal is accepted, our editor will work with you to complete your article.

What kinds of content is Learning Solutions Magazine looking for?

We are looking for articles that are:

  • Original
  • Previously unpublished
  • Of various lengths (see “Article types and lengths”),
  • Clear presentations of strategies, techniques, case studies, or best practices for designing, developing, and managing technology-supported learning, performance, and talent.

We are also looking for quick tips, book and product reviews, interviews, tutorials, and other short-format content.

Our readers are not interested in:

  • High-level overviews intended for general audiences.
  • Articles by freelance writers who have no experience in eLearning, performance support, or talent management.
  • Blatant pitches for products and services

Article types and lengths

Learning Solutions Magazine publishes the following types of articles:

  • Features: 1500- to 2000-word articles provide in-depth coverage of a single topic that readers can use immediately in their work.
  • Reviews: 500- to 750-word reviews offer unbiased comment and analysis of books, tools, technologies, events, etc.
  • Interviews: 750- to 1000-word interviews with experts or authorities, around one to three main questions that relate to the concerns of readers.
  • Spotlights: 750-word highlights of the achievements of individuals, teams, or organizations.
  • Tips: 500- to 750-word articles that offer specific tips on tools, techniques, strategies, and best practices.

By invitation only

The following types of articles are by invitation only:

  • Research reviews
  • Guest columns

We are not looking for any additional regular columnists at this time.

Press releases

Companies may submit press releases on new products and services; we are particularly interested in news about launches. We do honor embargoes.

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