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Special thanks to everyone who participated in FocusOn Learning 2017. You helped make this the best year yet!


To better understand the three FocusOn Learning trends—mobile, games, and video—explore this collection of articles that examines the concepts to be discussed at the conference.

Why Your eLearning Video or Demo Must Have a Script First

Sept. 9, 2015  Max Yoder  Video

Planning to include a video in your next eLearning production? Write the script first! Working from a script saves time and makes editing go much better, as you will learn from this article. Read more

Research Spotlight: Mobile Learning Perspectives

April 27, 2016  Sharon Vipond  Mobile

Mobile learning (mLearning) is a topic that continues to grow and evolve. Today, mobile is ubiquitous, seeming to pervade every aspect of life and business. In The eLearning Guild’s latest eBook, managers and practitioners with strong hands-on experience in mobile learning development present their best thinking on five fundamental questions about how to realize the benefits of mLearning. Read more

5 Reasons Mobile is Critical in Learning and Training

May 25, 2017  David Kelly  Mobile

When you’re dealing with a technology that evolves at breakneck speeds, the conversations around that technology will often shift course often as well. Such is the case of mobile technologies and how they should be used for learning. Read more

Designing Game-Based Learning to Enhance Employee Work Life

Feb 8, 2017  Leonor Urena  Games

Development teams often struggle to meet the demands placed upon them. They may become demotivated and unproductive. What they need is time to work on the factors that produce these symptoms. How can you help them with this? Well-designed games! Read about this approach here. Read more

When to Include Video in eLearning? Three Indicators

Feb. 18, 2015  Greg Ball  Video

Not every eLearning production needs video, but some really do. Which ones? Here are the three times you should include video in your project. Read more

Using eLearning to Drive Performance Management in the Era of Pokemon Go

Sept. 15, 2016  Joanne Wells  Mobile

The success and popularity of Pokémon Go confirm what eLearners have known for a long time: A digital interface, engaging interactions, gamification, and a focus on action lead to user engagement. Here are three ways to help keep your performance and eLearning management strategies in step to help employees grow and develop. Read more

8 Games and Apps Training and Learning Professionals Should Try

May 17, 2017  David Kelly  Games

We spend so much time-consuming information that we often forget to step back and consider why we consume what we do, and how the games and apps we play are designed to support that consumption. The apps we use every day are designed to provide a certain type of experience, and some deliver upon it very well. Read more

What I've Learned After 15 Years of Playing Games at Work

April 18, 2017  JD Dillon  Games

Game elements in workplace learning are no different than other organizational strategies. When applied the right way, and with a focus on value and context, they can meaningfully support knowledge growth, behavior change, and performance outcomes. Read more

Real Drama, Special Effects, and Interaction in eLearning Video

December 19, 2016  Fiona Quigley & David Cameron  Video

The rise of high-quality video in eLearning projects over the last few years has been phenomenal. While it is true that many eLearning programs now use video and sometimes original drama, these are presented in much the same way as text is—which is to say, rather flatly. Read more

Mobile or Not, eLearning Needs Strong Visual Design

March 3, 2017  Pamela Hogle  Mobile

When people find something aesthetically appealing, it motivates them to keep going; it makes them think it’s professional; and it improves the credibility of the eLearning, according to learning and visual design consultant Connie Malamed. Read more

3 Reasons “Mobile Learning” is Still New

April 27, 2017  David Kelly  Mobile

The term “mobile learning” has been around for quite some time, with its use starting even before the first iPhone was released. It’s a term that we’ve been using for over a decade, and yet, I would argue that the concept of mobile learning is still new. Here are a few examples of what I mean. Read more

The Future of Gamification

April 3, 2017  Staff Writer  Games

What does the future portend for gamification? Four respected thought leaders in the field weigh in on where they believe gamification is headed. Read more

Gamification and Game-Based Learning Are Two Different Animals

March 6, 2017  Staff Writer  Games

Here are the key differences between gamification and game-based learning—two industry buzzwords that can exist harmoniously in the workplace. Read more

Raise the Bar: Shooting and Editing Green-Screen Video

November 30, 2016  Mark Lassoff  Video

Green-screen video has been around for years, but many eLearning producers aren’t using it. There seems to be a false belief that it is too expensive or too difficult to do successfully. In this column, Mark shows you the tools (surprisingly inexpensive) and techniques (surprisingly easy) you need to get started! Read more

Mobile Microlearning: A Natural Venue for Spaced Learning

November 9, 2016  Pamela S. Hogle  Mobile

Using mobile-friendly microlearning to implement a spaced repetition or spaced learning program can add up to increased engagement that boosts learner performance. Read more

Research: Aon Hewitt Uses Interactive Video to Create Innovative Consumer Experiences

June 29, 2016  Sharon Vipond  Video

Last week, Guild Research published a new case study in the Research Insights Library about the use of interactive video to better educate and communicate with employees on health care plans, well-being programs, and retirement options. This overview explains what Aon Hewitt’s Consumer Experience practice did, why they did it, and the process they used to build the interactive video interface. Read more

What's the Best Learning Tool? The Real Potential of Mobile

May 9, 2016  Chad Udell  Mobile

Nine years ago, the iPhone entered the scene and became the disruptor to end all disrupters, even though most people still just used it as a phone. Are you engaged in any discussions about the utility and usefulness of the mobile learning you produce? And what is “mobile learning”? Never mind the minor details—is what you create indispensable? Read more