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How AI Will Influence Better, Data-driven L&D Decision-making

3.31.19 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

Learning technology has evolved to produce and process an incredible amount of actionable data that can tell you a lot about your learners and the effectiveness of your L&D programs. However, understanding and pulling conclusions from said data can be an incredibly manual process that, in some cases, forces L&D administrators to spend more time analyzing data than putting it into action.

Artificial Intelligence in digital learning is changing that and will play an incredibly valuable role in uncovering new, data-driven insights that go beyond the metrics that have generally been used to understand L&D performance. This will happen in a way that puts time back into the hands of L&D admins and equips them with actionable insights to focus more on learning experiences that not only connect with their learners, but produce better learning outcomes.

6 Ways Every Learning Leader Should Be Using Video

11.13.18 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

Melissa is a rising star at your company. She’s been promoted five times in as many years, and is on track to join your leadership bench program. Unfortunately, she just gave her two weeks’ notice.

Capturing the knowledge of exiting employees is just one of the ways you could be using video but probably aren’t. In this session, we’ll explore six real examples of how real companies are improving their learning strategies with video. We’ll also examine trends driving the use of video, and how you can tap them within your business.

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