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Bolstering Continuing Education: How to Increase Lifelong Learning in the Modern World

2.5.20 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

Technology continues to radically change how we consume information, yet when it comes to learning programs, many have stayed strikingly static. By simply aligning with the modern learner and adjusting its approach, ASCM is now leveraging BenchPrep’s modern, configurable cloud-based learning platform to offer courses that facilitate lifelong learning, drive higher user engagement, and yield better results.
In this session, ASCM will demonstrate how they've upgraded their learning program with a modern approach that caters to how users are more accustomed to learning – on-demand on any device, in small chunks (microlearning) that fit between the other parts of their lives (work, family, and personal life). The speakers will discuss:

  • The future of continuing education, and how you can prepare for it
  • How to structure a program that encourages consistent remediation
  • How to tailor learning modules and lessons to a microlearning pedagogy to increase engagement and knowledge retention

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