Using the Experience API to Integrate and Track Formal, Informal, and Experiential Learning

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DevLearn DemoFest 2013—April 30, 2015
Category: Blended Learning

Marty Rosenheck

Director, Talent Development Consulting
eLearning Brothers

Project Demonstration

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This project won Best Blended Solution

The Water Quality Association needed to get their member companies’ water purification and softening equipment installers, service techs, and sales reps up to speed and certified quickly and efficiently. They recognized that, while formal eLearning is part of the solution, most of the learning happens informally and through experience in the field. They needed a way to organize field-based learning into learning paths, align them with competencies, track all the learning, and correlate learning with results.

Number of Learners: The pilot was with 20 learners, and it will be rolled out to over 1,000 learners.

Development Time: The completion time was about one year.


Tools used in this project:

  • Articulate Storyline2
  • Custom cloud-based software system
  • Custom XML-based knowledge base
  • Mozilla Open Badges Framework
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