Enhancing the User Experience of Mobile-augmented Reality for Army Combat Medics

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mLearning DemoFest 2014—May 7, 2015
Category: Mobile

Christine Allen

Project Manager
United States Army

Brenda Enders

President & Chief Learning Strategist
Enders Consulting

David Metcalf

Senior Researcher and Director
Institute for Simulation & Training METIL, University of Central Florida

Project Demonstration

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This project won Best of Show Non-Vendor

This project is the pilot version of advanced capability for the mobile delivery of learning and performance content for combat medic and combat lifesaver roles. Through the use of visual search and pattern-matching technology, a soldier can wave a camera app over cards or onscreen images to rapidly trigger content related to medical triage care procedures for combat or a disaster-recovery training. This content-specific augmented reality will automatically launch and play detailed video and animation segments of emergency procedures on the screen of the mobile device.

Number of Learners: The number of total annual trainings is 500,000. Combat lifesaver: 175,000. Combat medic: more than 30,000

Development Time: This project consisted of three phases, with each phase lasting approximately six months.

Tools used in this project:

  • Cake PHP
  • Custom .js libraries
  • Drupal
  • HTML5
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