DevLearn 2016 Concurrent Sessions

DevLearn 2016 offers you the largest, most comprehensive, most cutting-edge learning technologies program in the world. The event includes more than 125 concurrent sessions covering all the critical topics that will help you develop new skills and expertise in the management, design, and development of technology-based learning.

Specialized Focuses

In addition to the great tracks at DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, there are a number of specialized sessions curated to help you put your skills into practice immediately.

Receive hands-on training and follow along with the instructor step-by-step.

Explore new ways you can use tools and techniques to create unique solutions.

Learn from your peers as they share problems, solutions, and results.

Build your understanding of how virtual, augmented, and mixed realities can be used in L&D.

Focus on skills that will take your work to new heights.

To give a brief overview of their sessions, many speakers have provided sessions trailers which are located on the description pages of those sessions. To view a complete list of these trailers, please visit our YouTube playlist page.

All Sessions Where Speakers Contain "putman"

10:45 AM Wed, November 16

Track: Data and Measurement

Your access to learning-related data has grown dramatically over recent years. But just because you have a large volume of data doesn’t mean it necessarily provides value. While tools like the xAPI make it increasingly easy to acquire data about learners’ activities, this information provides little benefit if you don’t know how to design to acquire meaningful data, interpret that data, or improve your learning design based on what you’ve discovered.

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1:15 PM Thu, November 17

Track: Data and Measurement

When a new specification such as the xAPI comes out, it is important to understand the basics. And one of the most critical basics of the xAPI is the concept of statements: the way most xAPI data is communicated. Before getting started with an xAPI implementation, you’ll want to have a strong understanding of what statements are and how you can form them yourself.

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