202 Foster a Learning Culture

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Tuesday, November 15

A learning culture can provide the foundation for a successful, innovative, and healthy training program. But creating such a culture can seem a bit like herding cats. This session will provide a logical road map and guiding principles that have proved to be effective in growing a healthy learning culture. The session will include a practical exploration of the factors that contribute to a learning culture in every organization. Learn how to use variety and self-determination to foster a sense of autonomy. Learn how skill mapping and communication lend a sense of purpose to training materials and guide more meaningful learning paths. And learn how to leverage gamification to validate and guide individual and group training paths.

Allen Partridge

Sr. Manager, eLearning Evangelism Group

Adobe Systems

Allen Partridge is the senior manager of the eLearning evangelism group for Adobe Systems. He has served on the doctoral faculty of the University of Georgia and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and he has taught education and the arts in universities for more than 20 years. He has spoken to groups around the world about education and eLearning. Allen holds a PhD and has an extensive background in higher education and simulations; he has written several articles and books about eLearning, immersive learning, games, 3-D animation, and simulations.

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