103 Create mLearning in Less than 60 Minutes

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Tuesday, November 15

This session will take you through some strategies and techniques on how to prepare a targeted mLearning module in less than 60 minutes. Some of the key takeaways will be: how to include geolocation to deliver location-aware content to learners; how to design your template to support rapid development; and how to select the right smart position of objects to maintain content and layout integrity across devices.

Paul Wilson

Owner/Senior Instructional Designer and Developer

Paul Wilson Learning & Design

Paul Wilson, the owner of Paul Wilson Learning & Design, has been designing and developing with Adobe Captivate for over 10 years. Getting into the training field by accident, he has worked as a senior instructional designer for companies such as Bell Canada and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. When he decided to start his own eLearning development company, Paul began creating video tutorials on YouTube to share his knowledge of Adobe Captivate. As of summer 2016, his videos had been seen all over the world by hundreds of thousands of viewers and his channel had over 2,500 subscribers. Paul now works with companies all over the globe, consulting and designing eLearning for a variety of learning opportunities, and he loves sharing what he has learned with his fellow designers and developers.

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