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FocusOn Learning Sessions

You’ll be able to learn from industry leaders and peers sharing case studies, examples, and best practices that will help you harness the opportunities presented by mobile, game, and video technologies. You’ll find sessions targeting management & strategy, design, and development.

Find sessions on topics like these:

Specialized Focuses

In addition to the great tracks at FocusOn Learning Conference & Expo, there are a number of specialized sessions curated to help you put your skills into practice immediately.

Bring Your Own Laptop® sessions ensure that you receive in-depth, hands-on training and enable you to follow along with the instructor step-by-step.

Advanced sessions take you further into the areas of your interest. Explore a level up and deepen your knowledge in the latest L&D technology and approaches.

Deconstructing Games sessions allow attendees to play or observe a game, then discuss how the mechanics can be applied in a learning context.

If you’re new to using mobile, games, or video for learning, our Foundations programs offer you a set of carefully selected sessions that progress through the key topics you need to understand before launching your own efforts in these areas.

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10:45 AM Tue, June 20

Track: Development

Focus: Mobile

Do you need a simple mobile-first or responsive performance support solution? Today’s mobile workers often don’t need training; what they need is quick access to a knowledge base to find an answer. But the organizations putting these resources in place need something more than page views to measure their effectiveness.

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7:30 AM Wed, June 21


Kick-start your day with Morning Buzz, the ever-popular “Early Bird” discussions. This is your chance to grab a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences.

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10:45 AM Wed, June 21

Track: Design

Focus: Games

Deconstructing Games is a new series of hands-on sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to play a game and then discuss how the mechanics in play can be applied in your own learning context.

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