813 From Databases to Simulations: How to Leverage Interviews with SMEs

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Thursday, June 9



Capturing intellectual property has become imperative as more employees job hop or retire, taking the company “secret sauce” with them. L&D pros need to adopt efficiencies for SME video interviews in order to leverage their wisdom for state-of-the-art knowledge transfer.

In this session, you will learn new techniques for interviewing SMEs that leverage their words of wisdom for interactive simulations, bringing their war stories to life for unforgettable learning. You will also learn how to record video interviews with anyone in the world from your desktop. Takeaways include tips and tricks for using free, easy recording tools and a new time-saving video-indexing technology.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Interview techniques informed by classic drama to increase the potency of teaching moments within simulations
  • How to quickly index content for on-demand learning
  • The beauty, value, and versatility of granular reusable learning objects

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
Skype, Evaer, and Panopto.

Patricia Franklin

Vice President

The Learning Alchemist

Patricia Franklin, a vice president at the Learning Alchemist, leverages her knowledge transfer, simulation, and gamification expertise to retain talent and intellectual capital for her Global 2000 clients. In her previous roles as program director for the Economist’s online Economist Education series and as chief learning officer for Vistage International, Patricia’s programs for 14,000 executives earned her employer Training Magazine’s Top 125 Winner Award for achieving global excellence in corporate-sponsored education. Her knowledge-transfer platform, Virtual Guru, was shortlisted for the Economist 2015 Innovation Competition prize from a field of 100 entrants from 29 countries.

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