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813 Overcoming Barriers to mLearning - hosted by Brandon Hall, PhD

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 21

Management and Strategy

Marina 6

Suggesting a mobile learning program can still raise some eyebrows in even the most progressive organizations. Concerns about security, cost, device type, and use are just a few of the barriers that can stall your efforts.

If you’re struggling now or anticipating resistance to mLearning, join our panel of experts as they tackle the big questions, and find out how you can overcome the most common barriers to mobile learning in your organization.

Scott McCormick


Emergent Enterprise

Scott McCormick is CEO of Emergent Enterprise Consulting and editor of, a topical news website about new technologies (AR/VR, AI, IoT) and user experience in the enterprise. His consulting services guide companies in the adoption of emergent technologies, with an emphasis on powerful learner experiences. He speaks nationally on topics such as UX strategy and design, Industry 4.0 training, and digital transformation. Scott has more than 30 years of history in enterprise training efforts, was a co-founder of Float and The Iona Group, and was a contributor to the book Mastering Mobile Learning, an ATD/Wiley publication. In 2018, Scott spoke at Learning Solutions, Realities360, ATD Chicago (CETS), Industry 4.0 ThinkTank, and Augmented World Expo (AWE USA). He also spoke to members of Accenture Academy about AI business strategy, and to training departments of Micron Technologies, Chik-fil-A, and AbbVie about user experience in today's digital age.

Megan Torrance



Megan Torrance is CEO and founder of TorranceLearning, which helps organizations connect learning strategy to design, development, data, and ultimately performance. Megan has over 25 years of experience in learning design, deployment, and consulting. Megan and the TorranceLearning team are passionate about sharing what works in learning, so they devote considerable time to teaching and sharing about agile project management for learning experience design and, of course, the Experience API (xAPI). TorranceLearning hosts the xAPI Learning Cohort, a free, virtual 12-week learning-by-doing opportunity where teams form on the fly and create proof-of-concept xAPI projects.

Vincent Han

CEO and Founder

Mobile Coach

Vince Han is the CEO and founder of Mobile Coach, which builds technology to facilitate and improve employee training opportunities. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and completed his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University.

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