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503 Getting Started on Your Mixed-Reality Strategy

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Wednesday, June 21

Management and Strategy

Nautilus 4

The digital world is entering your learners’ world in a big way. Augmented reality is reshaping the way they interact with systems and websites, entertainment, and of course, education, and this change is ultimately coming to your organization!

In this session, you’ll explore the connections between some of the most popular AR experiences out there today and your corporate learning strategy. The session will cut through the hype and draw correlations between them and their success, relating how you can use their design patterns and sticky user experiences to create valuable, easy-to-use mixed-reality experiences that produce results and happy learners!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How popular trends in AR can apply to learning strategy
  • How to analyze AR products and identify common design patterns
  • How to plan for user experiences and expectations in order to align user acceptance with organizational goals

Intermediate designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
Augmented reality, design patterns, usability, and user acceptance.


Chad Udell

Managing Partner, Strategy and New Product Development


Chad Udell is the managing partner, strategy and new product development, at Float. Chad is author of two books on mobile learning-related topics, Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies Are Transforming Training and Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success. Chad leads his design and development teams to successful outcomes and award-winning work via a strong background in both disciplines and a singular focus on quality. He is an instructor on interactive design at Bradley University, and in 2015 was presented with The eLearning Guild’s highest award of Guild Master in recognition of his impact on the learning industry.

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