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March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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Sessions in Ecosystem - People Track

10:45 AM Wed, March 16

Track: Ecosystem - People

The performance ecosystem is about more than just helping people do what is known that they need to do. In this era of continual change, the only sustainable differentiator will be the ability to adapt, deal with ambiguity, and innovate. This comes from a rich ecosystem, but it takes more. Where the culture doesn’t support sharing, where it’s not safe to contribute, the ecosystem can’t flourish, and organizations can miss out on the opportunity.

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4:00 PM Wed, March 16

Track: Ecosystem - People

As a learning leader, you want to build a world class learning model. But the problem is you need executive support, funding, IT support, etc. A learning ecosystem that satisfies today’s learner requires changing the conversation with all the stakeholders.

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10:45 AM Thu, March 17

Track: Ecosystem - People

Employees today don’t just use the Internet—they live in it! And they expect their online learning experience on the job to match their online experience in their digital, highly connected life. Is your ecosystem up to the challenge, or does it seem boring and limited to your learners? We’ve been reading about the wave of new employees in the workforce for years, but have we built the learning and performance support environment that will engage them and help them thrive?

In this interactive session, we will explore how the brain operates and how it expects to seek out, receive, and apply information. Then you’ll learn about specific ways to evaluate your current ecosystem and identify ways to tailor it to meet the needs of your connected employees. You will be able to immediately use this information to evaluate your own ecosystem’s readiness and the five things you can do right now to make it more effective for all.

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4:00 PM Thu, March 17

Track: Ecosystem - People

The struggle of managers to identify the best candidates for the roles within their learning and development (L&D) ecosystem is always an issue, as is cultivating the development of valuable skills and knowledge within the existing ecosystem. The problem can be addressed by detailing the capabilities and competencies that are of the most value and importance in the L&D ecosystem, given the range of experience, degrees (formal education), and certifications available for professional development within the industry.

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