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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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Learning Solutions Sessions

Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo offers over 160 sessions covering eLearning best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging trends. These sessions will help you develop new skills and knowledge, which will help you build more engaging and effective learning experiences.

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Specialized Focuses

In addition to the great tracks at Learning Solutions 2017, there are a number of specialized sessions curated to help you put your skills into practice immediately.

AlignED sessions focus on what higher ed and corporate learning professionals can learn from one another. These sessions are equally applicable to both academic and business environments.

Making Measurement Work sessions focus on the practical applications of data and analytics. They also show how organizations are being strategic in their approaches to measuring learning.

BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop®) sessions and workshops ensure that you receive in-depth, hands-on training and enable you to follow along with the instructor step-by-step.

To give a brief overview of their sessions, many speakers have provided sessions trailers which are located on the description pages of those sessions. To view a complete list of these trailers, please visit our YouTube playlist page.

All Sessions Where Speakers Contain "foreman"

2:30 PM Wed, March 22

Track: Performance Support

The National Park Service (NPS) had a milestone year in 2016. That centennial year didn’t just kick off a second century of stewardship of America's national parks—it also catalyzed a renewed focus for the NPS on employees. To better address the challenges this group faced, the NPS decided to shift its L&D paradigm to a broader learning and performance ecosystem approach.

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4:00 PM Wed, March 22

Track: Management and Strategy

In recent years, learning has moved closer to the workplace. Classrooms have moved out of corporate learning centers and into training rooms co-located with offices. Providers are delivering online learning directly to the desktop more than ever before. The next challenge is to move learning directly into the workflow. To do this, you need to move beyond course delivery and into a broader, more comprehensive and strategic approach that focuses not just on learning, but on performance and productivity.

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4:00 PM Thu, March 23

Track: Data and Measurement

Most eLearning designers and developers are starved for information about the efficacy of their solutions. Many of the existing models for evaluation and measurement aren’t easy enough to implement; and when they are implemented, they aren’t providing quality data.

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