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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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Sessions in Mobile Track

10:00 AM Wed, March 22

Track: Mobile

Are you looking for amazing ways to create content using your mobile device? In this session, you will learn how to use your phone or tablet to brainstorm, create audio- and video-based recordings, and animate, using several mind-blowing apps. You’ll leave the session feeling inspired, and you’ll have practical information to apply to one or more apps when you get back to your device. 

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2:00 PM Wed, March 22

Track: Mobile

When new hires start, they usually feel excited but overwhelmed by the volume of learning required to become job-ready. An easily accessible line manager has a significant positive impact on the learning curve; however, managers are often very stretched themselves with tactical responsibilities, which can result in the needs of new recruits being relegated. In this session, you will learn proven techniques on structuring an effective mobile program that fully supports your new hires. This includes blended learning activities, tracking progress via powerful reporting capabilities, and connecting new hires to a focused network of subject matter experts who can provide virtual check-ins and feedback.

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2:30 PM Wed, March 22

Track: Mobile

Mobile learning is rapidly becoming a must-have for organizations big and small. For most designers, getting started is a huge hurdle they have yet to overcome. Considering all the new technology, platforms, authoring tools, and skills required to make it all work can paralyze even the best learning pros.

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3:00 PM Wed, March 22

Track: Mobile

When creating mobile learning, serious issues exist with the level of interactivity, adaptive screen layouts for multiple modalities, the time and resources needed to create the solutions, and the lack of a highly efficient method to update content that does not take significant time or a programmer.

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10:45 AM Thu, March 23

Track: Mobile

In today’s device-rich world, it’s absolutely essential to make your eLearning courses available on all devices, irrespective of their varying screen sizes, in the best possible manner. Creating responsive courses helps you achieve this goal.

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1:00 PM Thu, March 23

Track: Mobile

Today’s technology promises access to learning content to everyone, everywhere, but can your content really deliver on this promise? Stuck in inflexible pages, much of today’s learning material is trapped in traditional formal-learning vehicles like courses or presentations. Your content—and the budget, time, and effort you spend creating it—needs to do more to be as effective as possible.

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4:00 PM Thu, March 23

Track: Mobile

Mobile learning has come of age to address the need for easy-to-access training on the go. Organizations face many challenges from app developers in meeting their specific needs and implementing a solution that meets learners’ needs in a large organization.

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