The Case for Educational Simulations and Serious Games

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Online Forums 2013 - May 9, 2013
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Clark Aldrich

Founder and Managing Partner
Clark Aldrich Designs

Educational simulations and serious games have shifted from the bet-the-career province of a few fervent believers to a mainstay of most enterprise education strategies. Even due diligence around most new programs needs to include a simulations approach.

In this session, participants will examine the most recent hard research around this consistently growing methodology. Every education professional needs to be up to date on this fast-moving area, and this session will lay out the case for educational simulations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the current research says about educational simulations
  • The known areas where you can successfully use simulations
  • How you should measure simulations
  • Whether a risk-averse culture should move ahead with a simulations strategy


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