The New Tools of Engagement: Building Community with a Planetary Perspective

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Online Forums 2013 - July 19, 2013
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Tom Bunzel

Author of Engagement: Presenting and Training in a World of Social Media

There is often a disconnect between the goals of an organization and its workers’ personal aspirations. This disconnect can lead to resistance in the learning space, particularly online, where distractions can detract from desired results. While social tools have promised to increase “engagement” through a deeper connection among workers and management, the social-media strategy of many organizations is to align worker training with the organization’s main goals, and ignore workers’ personal goals. This focus on the organization’s goals can decrease worker satisfaction and impair learning because workers are not inwardly motivated to participate wholeheartedly in a process that doesn’t meet their own needs.

Expanding on the “What Lies Ahead” chapter of Tom’s book, Tools of Engagement: Presenting and Training in a World of Social Media, participants in this session will broaden the scope of eLearning to a more global perspective. You’ll examine the mutual goals of organizations and workers from the perspective of HUMAN resources—how you can focus more on supporting workers’ personal goals in alignment with the organization. This requires listening to workers through the backchannel and addressing workers’ learning needs through more harmonious, conscious, and even planetary goals.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The lessons of neuroscience—we’re “wired for story”
  • How to see the Internet in human terms—a planetary “awareness” system
  • To focus on tasks rather than programs
  • To listen carefully to the backchannel
  • How to nurture a sense of presence in the online classroom
  • To use humanizing tools of engagement


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