Using Technology to Enhance Learner Engagement: Case Studies

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Online Forums 2015 - January 28, 2015
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Andrew Brewer

Instructional Technologist
Northwest Area Health Education Center

Engaging learners in both traditional and online environments has always been a challenge because learners expect more than passive experiences. Technology provides promise and also presents new challenges . The Northwest Area Health Education Center tried many ways to incorporate technology to enhance levels of learner engagement. These technologies included audience response (clickers), lecture capture, live stream, video conference, unified messaging, ad-hoc training, personalization, blended learning modules, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, SMS/BYOD, mobile, social media, and more.

In this session, you’ll examine case studies of actual programs that have integrated various technologies to enhance learner engagement. You’ll learn about some new methods for bringing together learners at a distance, and various future possibilities of technology to enhance learner engagement.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About various attempts Northwest Area Health Education Center made to increase learner engagement using technology
  • Results of their learner evaluations for multiple modalities
  • New methods of bringing together learners at a distance
  • Future possibilities of using technology for enhancing learner engagement

Novice and intermediate project managers, managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, executives, and other facilitators and educators familiar with classroom and online education activities.


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