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Data & Analytics Summit 2016 - September 21, 2016

Ellen Wagner

Visiting Professor
George Mason University

Big data. Predictive analytics. Machine learning. The number of buzzwords coming from the data science space continues to grow as more and more individuals and organizations look to tap into the potential of this new technological opportunity. A great number of conversations are exploring how to take advantage of these new possibilities. But before you can effectively explore how to harness the potential of data, you must first understand WHY this shift is so important.

In the opening session of the Data & Analytics Summit, you will learn why data analytics is getting so much attention and how it will impact the work of learning and performance professionals. You will examine examples of how data analytics is currently innovating practices around the globe, and you’ll put those examples into the context of the work you do every day. You will leave this opening session prepared to spend the next two days exploring the growing world of data analytics.


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