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Learning Personalization Summit 2017 - November 8, 2017

Teri Austin

Program Director of the Skills Gateway

Meg Petersen

Senior Program Manager/Content Strategist

At IBM, learning content and delivery strategy must adjust to meet rapidly changing technology, job roles, and learner needs. With cloud-based solutions and software as a service, the need for new formats, new methodologies, and continuous learning has grown. Instructional designers have become learning experience architects, helping orchestrate the massive amount of learning content for IBM clients and providing a more personalized learning solution.

In this session, you will learn how IBM has built a learning solution to support customers’ rapidly changing businesses. This solution starts with the right core content, coupled with a balance of modern development and curation techniques. The content is then wrapped with powerful tools like Watson cognitive search, personalization, and a slick UX to deliver a dynamic learning experience that is unique to each user.


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