eLearning Simulations Overview: From Idea to Implementation

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Getting Started with Simulations Spotlight 2018 - April 4, 2018

Jenny Saucerman

Online Learning Instructional Design Manager

You’ve decided that you want to develop interactive, engaging content for your learners. Although interactivity and engagement can be found in many learning solutions, simulations offer one of the best opportunities to get learners to engage with content that’s as close to the actual tasks to be mastered as possible. So, where do you begin?

In this session, you will learn which learning situations are the best fit for simulations and why. You will get an overview of the entire process, starting with an idea and ending in data-driven iterative design. You will also learn how best to work with subject matter experts to mature the approach and explore the iterative process necessary for evolving the design to development and, ultimately, testing before implementation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify appropriate learning problems for simulations
  • How to work with subject matter experts to inform the development of a professional model
  • How to develop strategies for working through a quality assurance process
  • About the importance of data collection and simulation revisions


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