Evidence of Impact: How Metrics Drive a Learning and Performance Ecosystem

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Data & Analytics Summit 2018 - August 22, 2018

Steve Foreman

InfoMedia Designs

Do the executives who fund learning and development care how many courses you have? Or how many participants? Or the number of training hours you've delivered? In truth, they may actually react negatively to those numbers. When people are participating in training, their productivity is usually zero. The key question is how to measure impact.

Learning and performance ecosystem solutions tend to be more direct, effective, and instantly available, especially when they include components built into the workflow. These solutions are capable of generating a good deal of data. The trick is to identify what data is most useful in building a chain of evidence that explains the solution's impact on business productivity. This session will introduce a framework for identifying the right business metrics and targets, deciding what learning and performance solution data to track, and developing evidence of the solution's impact.


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