Now What? Using Data Visualizations to Make Sense of Data

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Data & Analytics Summit 2018 - August 22, 2018

Pamela Hogle

Staff Writer
Learning Solutions

You’ve gathered data about your learners, employees, or sales team. Now what? Learn how to use data visualizations to explore, understand, and communicate the stories your data can tell. Data visualizations reveal trends, point to outliers that raise questions for further study, and enable engaging storytelling based on the information hidden in your data set.

This session introduces data visualizations — what they are, how they can be useful in eLearning and beyond. It will cover basic types of visualizations, how to know which type to use, and why you might sometimes need more than one chart or graph to tell a data story. Finally, you will learn about free tools for creating data visualizations. You’ll leave with a wealth of resources to get you started.


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