Getting It Done: Leveraging Agile Techniques with SMEs, Sponsors, IT & the Organization

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The Business of Learning Online Conference 2019 - November 6, 2019

Megan Torrance


As Agile methods for project management become the norm in software development, more L&D teams are adopting them, as well. Whether you’re using SAM, LLAMA®, Scrum, or still exploring your options, there’s a lot to be learned from Agile teams in the ways they manage their relationships and communication in order to deliver their work on time, in budget, and in line with expectations—even as those expectations evolve throughout the project.

In this session we’ll walk through Agile and its use within the L&D space. We'll explore how L&D teams that use Agile build relationships within the team and other organizational units to get the job done. You'll learn how Agile in L&D is applied differently from the rest of the organization, how Agile supports the relationship that L&D has with SMEs, how Agile helps L&D teams meet business needs, and how L&D teams can best support Agile software teams.


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