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Every Online Conference is built to help attendees implement their learning strategies more effectively. We do this by developing in-depth programs on emerging topics that address important industry needs, providing learning professionals clarity around what works.

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February 19 & 20, 2020

The Making Learning Stick Online Conference
How can we factor in the unique contexts to make sure the learning experiences resonate with people in a way that changes their behavior? The Making Learning Stick Online Conference explores a number of techniques that can be used to grab and keep people’s attention in a meaningful way.

April 22 & 23, 2020

L&D on a Shoestring
From sources for inexpensive resources and tools, advice on where to spend and where to save on your projects, techniques for speeding up your workflow, and insights on how to use the tools you have in innovative ways, the L&D on a Shoestring Online Conference will share a wealth of information that can help you do more with the budget you have.

June 10 & 11, 2020

Learning Experience Design
The Learning Experience Design Online Conference explores the roots LXD has in science, technology, and ID, and provides resources for incorporating these skills into your work. We’ll explore various examples of LXD in practice, providing context that will help shift the mindsets of you, your team, and your organization to move your approaches to learning forward.

August 5 & 6, 2020

Multimedia for Learning
The Multimedia for Learning Online Conference will share tools, approaches, and strategies on how to use media to enhance learning. Whether you’re new to media creation or experienced and seeking inspiration, this event will provide practical ideas on how you can leverage the strengths of multimedia in your work.

September 30 & October 1, 2020

Measurement & Evaluation
The Measurement & Evaluation Online Conference will provide eLearning practitioners, managers, and executives insights into modern approaches and strategies—both formal and informal—for determining the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact learning solutions can have on both individuals and organizations.

December 9 & 10, 2020

Understanding Learning Trends
The Understanding Learning Trends Online Conference provides the foundational knowledge necessary to understand today’s hottest trends and how they are shaping the future of learning and development. Each session focuses on one emerging trend; exploring it in depth and providing the necessary context that will enable you to see how it impacts your work now and in the future.

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