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Core Components of the KnowledgeVision System:

KVCentral – This is the hub for everyone who creates or manages KnowledgeVision content.  In KVCentral, you can see all the presentations you’ve created, view their statistics, share them on email and social media, get links and code for embedding them on web pages and landing pages, and launch a variety of tools, including Knovio Web for creating instant video and audio presentations.

KVStudio – The workhorse of the KnowledgeVision System, KVStudio is a sophisticated, full-featured tool for creating killer video and audio presentations. Video from multiple sources, a vast array of image options, precise control of navigation and footnotes, live webcasting and more are packed into the ultimate power presentation tool for professional content creators.

Knovio - This is the quick and easy web-based tool for the rest of us to create video and audio presentations.  Simply upload a PowerPoint deck or folder of images, turn on your webcam or microphone, talk through the slides, and choose you want to share it.  It’s that simple!

Knovio Mobile – This is a quick and easy iPad app that makes creating video and audio presentations easier than ever.

PresentationCloud® - This is where KnowledgeVision presentations “live” for instant and secure availability, world-wide on reliable, high-capacity servers.  You may choose to make your presentations public by publishing the web address or embedding it on a public web page, or you may keep it private, accessible only to those with whom you share the web address — it’s totally up to you!  (See KVLocal for alternative “behind-the-firewall” publishing options.)

KVTrack – This is advanced, viewer-level tracking capability that turns viewer clickstreams into actionable business intelligence. Working in conjunction with KVGuestbook or the KnowledgeVision Advanced Registration Option, KVTrack can track who watched, when, for how long, from where, and what they watched.  It also calculates an Engagement Score that can inform marketing, CRM, and learning management systems how engaged each viewer was with the presentation content.  KVTrack is a standard feature for Corporate and Enterprise Edition clients, and is an optional feature for Professional Edition clients.

KVAnywhere – KnowledgeVision presentations are automatically prepared in a way that can be viewed across a broad range of desktop and mobile devices, without requiring special viewing apps or software.



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